Comté and Apples


  1. Select a firm and crunchy apply. Wash and, leaving the peel on, cut the apple in half and remove the core. Drop one small teaspoon of honey into the empty core of the apple, followed by a light sprinkling of crushed or ground nuts (take care not to be too heavy handed – all you should need is a small pinch). Then cover the flesh side of the apple with a generous slice of Comté and place under the grill for roughly 12 minutes – keep a close eye on the apple as it browns as cooking times may vary according to the strength of your grill!

  2. This a fantastic recipe, in terms of textures the small flakes of crisp, toasted nuts, along with the apple which should still have a good crunch, make a lovely contrast against the soft gooeyness of the melted Comté and honey. While the sweet flavours of the apple and honey are perfectly balanced out by the more savoury Comté cheese and nuts.
  3. This warming dish would make a lovely starter or aperitif for chilly November evenings and would be perfectly matched by A Ce´te du Jura Chardonnay.
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