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    Hearty and comforting, the creaminess of the risotto, the earthiness of the squash and the tang of the sage make this one of my all-time favourite autumnal meals. This recipe is gluten-free.


Wine pairing


Comté is a cheese of concentrated flavour, with brown-butter and roasted-nut aromas and a sweet finish.

Jura wines from Comté's home region are a classic pairing for this unique cheese, but other wines that have some texture and are of comparable intensity also enhance Comté's unique flavour characteristics; a Palo Cortado or off-dry Amontillado sherry from Spain are perfect.

Explore the flavours


There are no less than 83 flavours that can be encountered when tasting Comté. We've created a flavour wheel to make recognising them as easy as possible and they're grouped into six aromatic families: milk, fruit, roasted, plant, animal and spice.

And, because of its ability to melt easily it can be added to all sorts of mouth watering recipes and not just saved for the cheese board.

»Flavour wheel
»Comté-making process

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